Monday, January 13, 2014

Sorry I have not had time to update this blog in a long time. I have recently gone through stage 3 colon cancer and finally I am done with my treatments and hopefully I will be able to continue to find great scooters for myself and everyone else as well, very soon. Unfortunately I currently only have my fathers Lambretta which is still a project scooter. Hopefully once my family and I get back on our feet I will have a running scoot again. I hope the info in this blog is helpful to anyone looking for an old scooter and if you have any questions or would like me to post your scooter for sale on my blog please feel free to email me at Thanks!

Friday, February 25, 2011

1976 Vespa Super for $1,250 in Southport, NC

This a fair price for which sounds to be a solid scooter. Definitely worth checking out. Here's the photos and the link.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1969 Lambretta Cento project for $500 in Eugene, Oregon

Here's an ugly little Cento for $500 in Oregon. Probably not worth $500 to most people but if you're looking for parts or a specific project such as this, here ya go. Here's the link and the photo.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

One Vespa P200, Vespa 50 Special, and an unknown Lambretta.

Vespa P200 for sale for $500 in New JerseyHere's another $500 Vespa P200 project in New Jersey. This one is much rougher looking than the last one but it might just be a runner. Here's the link and the photos. Act fast, I don't think this one will last!

1960 Vespa 50 Special for $700 in Staten Island, New York
No photos for this one but hey it's probably worth checking out. Sounds like it might be a good deal. Here's the link.

Unknown Lambretta scooter for $600 in Barron, Wisconsin
The ad says this scooter is missing a side panel. Has good compression and spark. Maybe a TV200, wouldn't that be nice! Anyways, here's the link let me know if it turn out to be something good.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some steals out there today, act fast!

1979 Vespa P200E project for $500 in South Jersey!
This thing is in great condition and even if it needs some work it's still worth it at $500 Only has 3,505 miles on it! Here's the link and the photos

1980 Bajaj Chetak for sale in Oklahoma City Oklahoma for $1,300
This scoot looks good and it's basically a Sprint so parts are easy to come by. I'd say this is a fair price for this scooter in running condition. Here's the link and the photo.

1979 Vespa 125 maybe a P-series or a Primavera? for $900 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
No picture on this ad, my guess is it's a P-Series scooter since it's gray in color. Definitely worth checking out. Here's the link

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A few more good finds but not too much out there this week.

1958 Vespa GS 150 project for $2,800 in Denver, Colorado
This isn't a huge deal or anything but it is a fair price and these rarely come up for sale in this condition. These are not for the novice and I would recommend that if you're looking for a first scooter this is not the project for you. That being said here's the link and the photos.


1964 Vespa 90 for $1,100 in Boston, Massachusetts
 I'd say this is an okay price for a running Vespa 90 but it's not a great price. I've bought a few of these in better condition for $500 to $850 but if you could get this one for $900 it'd be a good deal. Anyways, here's the link and the photos.

1959 Silver Pigeon C-75 for $800 in Richmond, Virginia
Here's an oddball scooter you don't see every day. I'm not too familiar with the Silver Pigeons but I've always liked they way they look even if they are considered to be more of an "old mans" scooter. This one looks to be in pretty good shape cosmetically. The ad does say it's missing a few parts but I'm sure if you looked around you'd find them. Here's the link and the photos.

1965 VNA/VNB Vespa 125 for $1,200 in Dallas, Texas
Here's a good deal on a nice looking scoot. It's a VNA or a VNB not sure which. Everything looks to be correct on this scooter from what I can tell. I'd say this is a pretty good deal for this scooter. Here's the link and the photos.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

1966 Allstate Blue Badge 125 for $850 in Glendale, Indiana

This is a 1966 Vespa/Allstate 125 Blue Badge. At first I thought it was a Primavera. I'd say it's a fair price for a running smallie in this condition. Here's the link and the photo.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The 1963 Vespa 90

Well recently a nice guy named Pete stumbled upon my blog and contacted me about a 1963 Vespa 90 he was selling in NY. I remembered that a blog reader and friend Elena had been wanting a Vespa for a long time, and also lived in New York. I contacted her and passed on the details. She went and picked up the scooter this past Sunday and I'm sure she'll be very happy with her new scooter project. I love the paint job on this thing even if it looks like it was done poorly. It'd be cool to have it done the same way but professionally. Not a bad find and a very fair price at $250. Thanks Pete! Good luck, Elena!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Here we go! First post in months!

1979 P125X for $875 in Mendocino, California
This one is also listed with a Vespa Super but it looks as if the frame is bent so I'd steer clear of that one. Here's the link and the photo!

1960's Vespa VBB or VNB project in Monmouth, Maine for $250

Here's a 1973 Vespa Primavera ET3 for trade or $$$$? in Austin, Texas

1959 Allstate Cruisaire project in Rockmart, Georgia for $600 obo

1979 Vespa Piaggio P125X with only (190 ORIGINAL MILES ) in Macon, Georgia for $1,200!
Here's the link and the photo. This thing is in great shape!

1966 Vespa Blue Badge small frame barn find for $950 obo in Atlanta, Georgia
I'd say the price on this on is a little steep considering the shape it's in but it's still worth checking out if you like smallies. Here's the link and the photo.

1964 Sears Allstate 125cc for  $600 in Kirtland, Ohio
This one looks to be in pretty decent shape and might be a great project for someone. Here's the link and the photo.

1960's Allstate for $800 in Seattle, Washington
Looks to be in pretty good shape, might not take much to get this one back on the road! Here's the link and photo.

1964 Vespa VNB for $1,200 in St. Paul, Minnesota
This looks like a very easy project for someone. Most of the hard stuff it looks like has been done. In a Week you could have this thing up and ready to ride I bet. Here's the link and the photo.




Saturday, January 22, 2011

A long time coming!!!

Okay, I know I have not been updating this blog as regularly as I used to but I should be able to keep up with the original post a week again. I've been busy with the new project but I wanted to give an update. I recently picked up my Dad's old 1959 Lambretta LD 125 over the summer. My cousin and I are in the process of restoring it to it's former glory.

It all started about 19 years ago when I was 15 years old. My dad passed away when I was 2 years old so when I was growing up my Mom always made a point to break out the photo albums and tell me about my Dad. The stories always seemed to include my Dad's Lambretta. She told me how he first saw the scooter when he was stationed in Germany while in the Army and that he bought one and had it shipped back to the U.S. My mom told me how when they were dating he would pick her up on it and they'd drive out to the country, to a local jazz club, or just cruise around the UC campus.

When I was 15 I asked for a scooter for my birthday. Her friend had a Vespa 90 sitting in her garage and offered it up for $50. It was the best present I ever got. I rode that thing into the ground! Through the years I've owned a few scooters and I always wondered what happened to my Dad's old LD. My mother never kept in contact with my Dad's side of the family and never encouraged me to contact them either. Well, 6 years ago my Mom passed away and left a void in my life that will never be completely filled. My Dad's side of the family came to the funeral and we re-connected after 29 years of separation. Every time I opened the old family photo albums there was the Lambretta staring me in the face with my Dad and various family members sitting on it. After a year of obsessing over it I asked my Cousin if she knew what ever happened to the old scooter. She told me she was supposed to have gotten it when she turned 16, but never did. She also told me it was still sitting in the basement of one of the many dilapidated houses my Uncle owned. I immediately called my Uncle to inquire. He told me he sold it to some guy a few years ago for $65. He said the guy fixes and rides scooters and is in a local scooter club. I was crushed but I couldn't give up. I posted the story on the Lambretta club website and a local site. After a day my clubmate told me he knew who had it! He posted a picture of it on the local site. It all fit together, the price, the location, everything! He also told me that they re-sold it to Ed of Vespa Cincinnati and gave me his number. I called and talked to Ed and he agreed to sell it back to me . I was so excited! I told him I would buy it in 2 weeks, but when the time came unfortunately something came up and I didn't have the money. I tried calling back a few weeks later and was told that he already sold it to someone in Oklahoma. I was crushed, again. Unfortunately Ed passed away a week later of a stroke. I thought the story would end there but again the LD comes back into my life. Ed's daughter had been searching her fathers name on google and stumbled onto my post on the Lambretta Club website. She emailed me and we later spoke on the phone. She guaranteed me that the scooter would end up in my possession once her father's estate was settled. She kept her word and made me a very happy man. My Cousin and I picked up the scooter this past summer and have been working to get it back on the road. I am almost positive that every time my Cousin and I work on the scooter my Mom and Dad are looking down on us smiling.

Here's a few photos of the Lambretta with my Dad, Cousins, and me.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lambretta Silver Special up for auction July 19th in Enid, Oklahoma

Okay, here's a rare scooter. It's a Lambretta Silver Special or at least that's what the auctioneer says it is. These only came in Silver as far as I'm aware so I'm guessing someone painted this thing years ago. It looks like the red paint could be easily removed without damaging the silver paint too much. This could go for really cheap based on the location of the auction. If anyone is in the Oklahoma area go snatch this up! Here's the link and the photos. Ignore the Spree.