Sunday, January 10, 2010

1976 Vespa Super 150 in Durham, North Carolina for $1,200

I love the Vespa Super! It's probably one of my favorite models even if the handling is kind of crappy with the 8" wheels, I still love these! This one is priced pretty fairly in my opinion not a great deal but a nice scooter for the money. I sold one of these last summer with a stuck motor for about half the price of what this one is going for. I didn't want to, but I needed cash fast at the time. Anyways, this scooter looks like it has the more rare original yellow paint. I wouldn't even paint this scooter. I'd leave it original. I think it looks great from what I can see. If this thing runs, it's a fair buy. If the motor is stuck or has other mechanical issues I'd offer up no more than $600 for it. Here's the photos and stuff!

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